Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Longer-Than-Expected Write-Up about Changing my Shower Head

The worst thing about my old shower head: it was at the same level as my forehead, so I had to duck down in order to get my head wet. It also wasn't a very nice spray. I looked into getting one of the large shower heads with the extension arms but they were way too expensive. Then I came across this beauty at a Goodwill for $10. Who would get rid of such an amazing shower head? Turns out that when I hooked it up in my shower there was almost no water that came out of it. There were signs of mineral build up, so I took the nozzle panel off and put it in my sink with some drain cleaner which made it look new again. This helped with the water flow a bit, but it still wasn't even at the same level as my old shower head. I unscrewed the shower head and removed the plastic water restrictor, which solved the water flow problem but made it so I went through an entire tank of hot water in about five minutes. Putting the plastic part of the water restrictor back in without the o-ring gave me a happy medium, and now I enjoy showers without having to crouch or turn around every few seconds.

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