Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fixing Free Video Glasses

Tekbots was doing some major spring cleaning, and I picked up these video glasses from the Free bin. They were originally going to be used for a telepresence project, but they ran into trouble when they removed the original video input connector and soldered ribbon cable onto the PCB. They were trying to tap into some programming pins, but found that the signal integrity for the video was awful. After probing around with my continuity tester I figured out that if I gave up the audio for the built in earbuds I could avoid soldering to the PCB in the arm of the glasses and just add connectors to the wires that went to the center of the frame. After a couple of hours of trial and error and mixing up the different color codes I was able to get the glasses working again. Not sure what I might use them for yet but they were definitely worth the effort.

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