Aluminum Lightsaber Flashlight

I've been into lightsabers for about as far back as I can remember. I made plenty of lightsaber handles in middle/high school, but all of them were made by hand with hardware store components. I decided that I owe it to my childhood self to make a replica lightsaber handle worthy of the name. I also wanted a excuse reason to use it regularly, so I decided it would be cool to make it into a flashlight as well. I found a couple of plans on the internet for the green lightsaber that Luke Skywalker uses in Return of the Jedi. The two that I decided to use had a good amount of research put into them to make them as accurate as possible to the real prop. One of the plans has a notice saying not to distribute without permission, so I'll just say that they are by Martin Taylor and can be found on this blog page

The handle started with a piece of aluminum round rod that was put onto Farfle's lathe

The handle after being machined. Still needs to be hollowed out and have the end cap made for it.

Won't have a chance to use the lathe again until I am back from school, will post updates when they happen.

Update: 1/15/2015

This projet is way overdue for an update. Over the summer I had access to a machine shop where I was interning and I was able to make the activator box (although it isn't perfect or mounted and may need to be redone). You can also see that I made the end pommel piece and hollowed out the handle. The pommel threads on the bottom of the handle and was made with a lathe and a mill with a rotary table.

I also used the laser cutter at TekBots to make a stand out of acrylic.


  1. Did you spend a lot of money doing this beautiful hilt?

    1. The whole thing cost me about $20, since it was machined out of a single piece of aluminum from the scrap pile of a metal yard. The acrylic base is likewise cut from scrap. That doesn't take in to account all of the time I spent working on it, but that was part of the fun for me.

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  5. Do you have any details on the flashlight components and assembly? The blog referenced at the beginning is dead.

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