Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Long Overdue Update

It's been several months since I optimistically attempted to start a project blog, and so far all of the posts have come from two sit-down sessions. I have decided on a plan for organizing the blog in a way that will hopefully make it easier for me to get motivated to update it. Long term projects or projects that I have a particular interest in will get their own pages that can be clicked on the right side of the website, and shorter things of interest will just get posted on the main page. To start this out I'm posting a photo of the lot of 22 Leatherman Micras I bought on eBay for ~$25. They were listed as being "for parts" and there is something broken with most of them, but they are all different things and I should be able to patch together several complete tools. Not a bad investment in my opinion considering it will cost you about the same to get a single new one. The plan is to try and scatter the Leatherman's around strategically so as to saturate key areas with so many multitools that I won't be without or lose them all.

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