Tektronix Android App

The first Collabratory project that I was involved with at OSU was sponsored by Tektronix, who wanted to see what we could do to add a cool feature to their scopes for ~$5 per scope. We ended up making an Android app that allows you to connect to an MDO4000 series oscilloscope via bluetooth and control the scope using the app's GUI or through voice commands. The hardware was a small bluetooth-usb serial dongle that plugged in to one of the USB ports on the oscilloscope and an NFC tag that stuck to the top of the instrument and allowed you to pair your phone with the bluetooth dongle using the device's MAC address and launch the app. Unfortunately we had to get a custom firmware image from Tek in order to enable USB serial ports for the bluetooth module, and we don't have permission to distribute the firmware to anyone. So you won't be able to use this app yourself, but you can check it out a bit from the photos and videos below.

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