Film Car Camera Jib

My friend Jackson aka Farfle and I were making a video of his electric motorcycle for a Kickstarter project. We already had on board footage from the various track days we had, but not a lot of footage of the bike from an off board camera. We thought that it would be cool to do some shots from a moving vehicle, and following our usual logic we thought "We need a camera jib. We need to MAKE a camera jib!". The camera jib design we ended up with is actually really simple. We used a cheap caster wheel for the pivoting points of the jib, a long piece of chromoly steel tubing that was leftover from Farfle's frame build, a camera mount made from welded scrap metal and a 1/4-20 bolt, a counterweight made from a treadmill roller, hoseclamps and zipties, and of course the filming vehicle. Jackson's grandfather just happened to have the perfect thing...


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