Monday, May 26, 2014

Adding Servo Motors to the Iron Man Helmet

I decided to spend some time during the Memorial Day weekend to work a bit on my 3D printed Iron Man helmet. I found a handy servo bracket on Thingiverse that somebody else made for motorizing their Iron Man helmet faceplate, and I figured that there was no reason to reinvent the wheel I went ahead and printed them. They ended up with a bit too much slop for my Futaba servos that a friend gave me from his old RC car, but some electrical tape and hot glue took care of the problem. I made some arms up in SolidWorks and printed them instead of trying to find/make metal arms. Right now things are held in place temporarily with hot glue, but when I have everything in its final place I will come up with a more final solution. Next step is to get a microcontroller set up to control the servos and maybe run some LEDs inside the helmet.

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